News from the Field

Yes, You Can Now Fly to Cuba

The first commercial passenger flight between Key West, Florida, and Havana, Cuba in 50 years took off and landed safely Monday, reuniting two islands separated by just 90 miles of water. President... Read More

How Bodies Feel Happiness

Next time you get cold feet or a funny feeling in your gut, you’d do well to heed the warning. It could be an indicator of your emotional state. A team of Finnish researchers found that... Read More

U.S. Nordic Skier Nabs Gold

American nordic skier Simi Hamilton is ringing in the new year by making history. On Tuesday, the 2010 Olympian became the first American male in decades to win a World Cup race—a... Read More

Dolphins Gather, Get High

A new BBC One documentary includes scenes showing dolphins thoughtfully squeezing an unidentified species of puffer fish to release its nerve toxin, then pass the dead fish between other marine... Read More