News from the Field

Photographer: Courtesy of Titan Aerospace

Google Grabs Drone Company

Google has acquired New Mexico–based drone maker Titan Aerospace. Facebook had reportedly been in talks with the solar-powered drone manufacturer last month; however, it appears Google has... Read More

Photographer: Vincent Samaco/Flickr

Your Brain Slows After Age 24

In your late twenties and feeling sluggish? We've got bad news for you: Fresh research out of Canada's Simon Fraser University suggests that humans hit their peak cognitive motor performance around... Read More

Photographer: Studio Roosegaarde

Glowing Roads Debut in Netherlands

Anyone who's driven on I-70 East through Colorado in the black of night knows that traditional reflector strips aren't always enough to guide you safely along a dangerous road. Well, the good... Read More

Photographer: INTA INFORMA

Cow Fartpacks Are Here

Cows blew a hole in the ozone, remember? Amid the backlash against cows' greenhouse gas production (they are responsible for 25 percent of the methane produced on this planet) and the Crimea... Read More

Photographer: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Munich Legalizes Nudity

Ditch the lederhosen. You can now walk around certain parts of Munich naked, thanks to a new policy. The German city allows people to publicly roam and sunbathe in the buff as long as they keep to... Read More

"Evolutionarily Distinct" Birds ranked

And the title of "most evolutionarily distinct" bird goes to… the oilbird, a Central and South American species that also happens to be the only nocturnal-flying fruit-eating bird in the... Read More

Photographer: dswtkenya/YouTube

Watch: Sky Vets Swoop in to Save Lioness

Sky Vets, operated by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, mobilizes Kenya Wildlife Service field veterinarians in emergencies through much-needed transportation and logistical... Read More