News from the Field

"Fence Surfing" in the Caribbean

It's high season at Maho Beach in St. Maarten, and surf's up. Well, "fence surfing" is up. The Caribbean island isn't exactly known for its killer break, but it is known for Princess Juliana... Read More

WSJ Digs In Climate-Change-Denial Heels

Rupert Murdoch has a story and he is sticking to it. On Monday, The Wall Street Journal’s opinion page denied human responsibility for climate change, and Murdoch's story... Read More

Rap Song Fights Ebola

In the tradition of Farm Aid and We Are the World, a group of West African rappers have come together to warn people of the dangers of the deadly hemorrhagic fever known as Ebola, which has killed... Read More

Dean Potter Defends Dog BASE Jumping

We brought you BASE jumping for dogs last year as an April Fool's joke, but—what a world we live in—it's not a joke for Dean Potter. The climber, BASE jumper, and all-round risk-taker... Read More