News from the Field

Scientists Undiscover Island

It's Sandy Island on Google Maps and Sable Island on others. But, in fact, the 60-square-mile island in the South Pacific, nestled between New Caledonia and Australia, doesn't exist at all. "We saw... Read More

Turkeys on the Offensive

In the suburban town of Brookline, Massachusetts (pop. 58,732), residents are getting fed up with aggressive turkeys. Karen Halvorson, who lives in the Aspinwall Hill neighborhood, is so frustrated... Read More

Mount Doom's Neighbor Erupts in New Zealand

Even though it erupted for the first time in more than a century on August 6, shooting boulders up to one-meter-wide into the air, Mount Tongariro, which sits on New Zealand's North Island, is... Read More

Famous Italian Army Commander Exhumed

Led by Gino Fornaciari, the director of the University of Pisa's pathology museum, a team of Italian researchers have exhumed the bodies of Giovanni de' Medici (also known as Giovanni dalle Bande... Read More

A Big Waste of Turkey

Our modern-day version of Thanksgiving in the United States is commonly traced back to a 17th-century feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts, that was held in celebration of a good harvest. There was... Read More