News from the Field

Photographer: the Italian voice/Flickr

Sustained Drought Engulfs Half the U.S.

A new report from the National Climatic Data Center says that 55 percent of the United States is now experiencing moderate to extreme drought conditions, the most widespread since the 1950s. The... Read More

Photographer: Dylan Passmore

New York Bike-Share Program Delayed

The launch of New York's much-anticipated bike sharing program has been delayed until August, city officials confirmed Monday. Rumors of a delay have circulated since last week, when the Citi Bike... Read More

Photographer: hermanusbackpackers/Flickr

Great White Bites Aussie Surfer in Half

Australian officials are calling for a review of the great white shark's protected species status after a surfer on the western coast was attacked and killed on Saturday, the region's fifth... Read More

Photographer: activefree/Flickr

Lost Hiker Survives 3 Weeks in Utah Desert

A hiker who spent three weeks lost in Utah's Escalante Desert is in stable condition after rescue crews found him surviving on a diet of frogs and roots. William Martin LaFever, who is autistic,... Read More

Photographer: taimages/Flickr

Tacks at Tour de France Lead to 30 Flats

French police are investigating the source of upholstery tacks that led to nearly 30 flats in the Tour de France on Sunday. The tacks were strewn about the crest of the final day’s climb and... Read More