News from the Field

Photographer: markbyzewski/Flickr

CO Billionaire Conserves 90,000 Acres

A Colorado billionaire has pledged 90,000 acres for a proposed conservation area in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the largest single conservation easement ever received by the federal government.... Read More

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Teen Survives 3' Fishing Spear in Brain

A Florida teen who was accidentally shot through the brain with a three-foot spear while fishing was moved out of the intensive care unit of a Miami hospital yesterday and is expected to make a... Read More

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Scientists Denounce Olympic Gender Test

A group of scientists have challenged a controversial IAAF gender testing policy that is supposed to be implemented at the London Olympics, calling it "significantly flawed." The paper's authors... Read More

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Wolf Pack Kills Swedish Zoo Employee

A pack of wolves mauled a Swedish zoo worker to death on Monday after she entered their enclosure for a routine check. The Kolmarden Wildlife Park employee, who has not been identified, was found... Read More

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AU Introduces Croc Safari Hunting

On Thursday, the Australian government announced its approval for a controversial plan that would allow safari hunters to pay $15,000 to hunt protected crocodiles. The proposal, which would allow... Read More