News from the Field

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Scientists Denounce Olympic Gender Test

A group of scientists have challenged a controversial IAAF gender testing policy that is supposed to be implemented at the London Olympics, calling it "significantly flawed." The paper's authors... Read More

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Wolf Pack Kills Swedish Zoo Employee

A pack of wolves mauled a Swedish zoo worker to death on Monday after she entered their enclosure for a routine check. The Kolmarden Wildlife Park employee, who has not been identified, was found... Read More

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AU Introduces Croc Safari Hunting

On Thursday, the Australian government announced its approval for a controversial plan that would allow safari hunters to pay $15,000 to hunt protected crocodiles. The proposal, which would allow... Read More

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CO Fire Most Destructive In State History

On Saturday, officials said the High Park wildfire in northern Colorado had become the most destructive in the state's history, burning at least 181 homes over 25 square miles west of Fort Collins.... Read More

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4 Climbers Presumed Dead on McKinley

The National Park Service called off the search Sunday for four climbers presumed dead in an avalanche on Mount McKinley. The climbers were part of a five-person Japanese team caught in a small... Read More