News from the Field

Photographer: spaceamoeba/Flickr

Ice Block Strikes Home From Clear Skies

A mysterious basketball-size chunk of ice fell from clear skies on Sunday, leaving a manhole-size crater in a Northern California home. Federal Aviation Administration officials are reviewing radar... Read More

Photographer: Adam Levine/Flickr

Explorer Kayaks Across South America

On Tuesday, a Swedish explorer completed a nine-month expedition to kayak the length of South America and study its biodiversity. Christian Bodegren began on the Orinoco River in Venezuela last... Read More

Photographer: Mike Murphy

Climbers Break Women's Nose Record

Colorado climbers Jes Meiris and Quinn Brett set a new women's speed record on the Nose route of El Capitan on Monday, climbing the 32-pitch line in 10 hours and 19 minutes. Brett and Meiris,... Read More

Photographer: Luis Stortini Sabor via Shutterstock

Dutch Startup to Colonize Mars by 2023

Dutch startup Mars One has announced a plan to fund the first human settlement on Mars by 2023 with a reality television series that will document the colonization. Mars One plans to send rovers in... Read More

Photographer: quinn.anya/Flickr

Hitchhiker Writing Kindness Book Shot

A hitchhiker and freelance photographer who was writing a book titled Kindness in America was shot on Saturday as he attempted to thumb a ride near Montana's Bakken oil patch. Ray Dolin, 39, has... Read More