News from the Field

Landis Fined $21,000 for Defamation

A Swiss judge ordered former cyclist Floyd Landis to pay $10,666 each to two International Cycling Union presidents after Landis refused to defend himself in a defamation suit filed by the pair.... Read More

SeaWorld Orca Injury Sparks Outcry

Photos of a badly injured orca whale at SeaWorld San Diego has sparked an outcry from animal rights activists, who claim that the injury is further evidence that the whales are being held in unsafe... Read More

Forest Service Fights Goats With Paintballs

Visitors to Washington's Olympic National Forest no longer need fear the wrath of the mountain goat. A trail on Mount Ellinor had to be closed last July after several groups of hikers reported... Read More

Manatee Rider Found and Charged

In Florida, it is illegal to ride a manatee. Which is why 52-year-old Ana Gloria Garcia Gutierrez turned herself in to the authorities after she was photographed floating through the water on the... Read More

GPS Led Canadian Couple to Tragedy

The remains of a Canadian man who disappeared outside a small Nevada town were found this week, bringing to a close an ordeal that began 18 months ago near the Nevada-Idaho state line. Albert and... Read More