News from the Field

Tweet to Help a Mountain Recover

And you thought Twitter was just for shooting the breeze. In another win for citizen science, a group called Nerds for Nature is asking hikers to shoot images of California's Mount Diablo State... Read More

#GlobalSelfie Trend Visualized

NASA released a stunning, down-to-earth portrait of the globe yesterday from its #GlobalSelfie Earth Day project. The 360-degree mosaic of 36,422 selfies spanning 3.2 gigapixels of data answers the... Read More

Colorado River Meets the Sea After 16 Years

Monica Lewinsky isn't the only 1998 throwback to recently make headlines. For the first time since that glorious year, when Harry Potter stole our hearts and Britney Spears invaded the airwaves,... Read More

New Peaks, New Trouble in Nepal

Good news: Nepal has just opened 104 new mountain peaks for climbing. Bad news: Three climbers are missing after another avalanche, and new climate change research says the country's glaciers are... Read More

Man Smuggles Exotic Eggs in His Pants

A Czech man has been arrested in Australia after being caught smuggling 16 exotic bird eggs inside his pants. The unnamed 39-year-old was clearing customs at the Sydney airport when he was pulled... Read More