News from the Field

West Nile Outbreak 'Worst Ever' in U.S.

Federal officials announced Wednesday that the outbreak of West Nile virus is likely to worsen in the coming weeks. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that, despite having... Read More

Arctic Ice to Hit Record Low

Arctic ice is set to hit a record low next week, according to U.S. climate scientists. Researchers from the National Snow and Ice Data Center used satellite data to determine that sea ice around... Read More

Wilderness Search Begins for Missing Marine

A search party headed into the Bob Marshall Wilderness on Wednesday to look for Noah Pippin, a 30-year-old Marine who disappeared in September 2010 while hiking in Montana. Pippin was a veteran of... Read More

Americans Toss 40 Percent of Their Food

Americans throw away nearly 40 percent of their food for a total of $165 billion in waste every year, according to an analysis released Tuesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council.... Read More

Court Overturns EPA Coal Regulation

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency's 2011 regulation requiring coal-fired power plants to reduce certain harmful emissions. The "good neighbor... Read More