News from the Field

Photographer: Frank Kretschmann

Cory Richards Rescued From Everest

Cory Richards, a North Face team athlete and member of the National Geographic Society, was flown by helicopter from Everest Base Camp to the nearby medical facility of Lukla, Nepal, after doctors... Read More

Photographer: Jeremy T. Hetzel/Flickr

Walden Video Game in Development

The National Endowment of Arts this week awarded the University of Southern California a $40,000 grant to develop a video game based on Henry David Thoreau's Walden writings. The game will recreate... Read More


Coast Guard Halts Sailing Races off SF

The U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday put an indefinite hold on sailing races off San Francisco Bay while it concludes an investigation into a deadly accident that killed five sailors earlier this... Read More

Photographer: zigazou76/Flickr

Scientists Find GPS Neurons in Pigeons

Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine may have identified how pigeons navigate after discovering a group of brain cells that are sensitive to the direction and strength of magnetic fields. On... Read More

Photographer: Bryan Allison/Flickr

Olympians Sue Samsung Over App

Eighteen Olympic athletes on Wednesday sued Samsung for using their names and faces in a Facebook app without permission. The app, which has been live since March, shows Facebook users how to... Read More