News from the Field

Boar, Fox Help Kangaroos Escape Zoo

What does it take for three kangaroos to escape from a German zoo? A fox and a wild boar, apparently. Three kangaroos—Jack, Mick, and Skippy—escaped from Rheinböllen Wildlife Park... Read More

Spyder Put Up for Sale

Ski apparel manufacturer Spyder may change hands for the second time in eight years after the private-equity group that owns it put it up for sale. Apax Partners, which bought Spyder in 2004 for... Read More

National Guard Soldiers Struck by Lightning

Ten soldiers in the New Jersey National Guard were struck by lightning Tuesday as they strategized in a tent on a Fort Drum range near Fargo, New York. Six of the soldiers returned to active duty... Read More

Mutant Butterflies Traced to Fukushima

Butterflies collected from in and around the Fukushima nuclear disaster area suffer from mutations that indicate lasting ecological effects from the radioactive fallout. The butterflies are showing... Read More

Study: Egg Yolks Almost as Bad as Smoking

Are eggs the cigarettes of the breakfast-food world? Almost, says one Canadian researcher. Dr. David Spence, a professor at Western University in Ontario, Canada, surveyed more than 1,200 people... Read More