News from the Field

Photographer: Eli Duke/Flickr

Emperor Penguins Counted from Space

Scientists from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia on Friday released data that suggests the population of emperor penguins on Antarctica is twice as large as previously believed. The... Read More

Photographer: Jack Rosenfeld/Flickr

Cherop, Korir Win Hot Boston Marathon

Sharon Cherop and Wesley Korir overcame high temperatures to win the 116th Boston Marathon today in 2:31:50 and 2:12:40, respectively, leading a Kenyan sweep of the top three women's and men's... Read More

Photographer: Mr Empey

Vermont Governor Outruns Black Bears

Vermont governor Peter Shumlin was chased by black bears on Wednesday night as he tried to protect four birdfeeders hanging from a tree at his house in Montpelier, Vermont. Shumlin first tried... Read More

Photographer: Jeff Gunn/Flickr

Search Suspended for Missing Sailors

Four sailors are presumed dead after an accident Saturday at the Full Crew Farallones yacht race in San Francisco. Eight men were swept overboard when their boat, the Low Speed Chase, crashed into... Read More

Photographer: Sasata/Wikimedia Commons

Texas to Buy Crane Habitat

Texas will use money from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement to preserve 80 acres of whooping crane habitat on the Gulf Coast. According to the terms of a deal signed on Tuesday, the Texas... Read More