News from the Field

Photographer: U.S. Navy/Wikimedia Commons

Navy to Use Robocopters to Catch Pirates

The U.S. Navy plans to begin using robotic helicopters to catch pirates in congested coastal waters, the Office of Naval Research announced last week. In a press release on April 5, the ONR said it... Read More

Photographer: Wonderlane/Flickr

Anchorage Sees Snowfall Record

A storm dropped four inches of snow on Anchorage, Alaska over the weekend, breaking the city's snowfall record and pushing the winter total above 11 feet for only the second time ever. Anchorage... Read More

Photographer: ISPR Pakistan Ministry Defense

Snow Hampers Siachen Avalanche Rescue

On Monday, inclement weather hampered efforts to rescue 135 Pakistani soldiers and civilians caught in a massive avalanche that buried a military complex on the Siachen Glacier in norther Kashmir.... Read More

Photographer: longhorndave/Flickr

Polar Bears Sickened by Mystery Disease

Polar bears in Alaska are exhibiting symptoms of a mystery disease that has already killed seals and walruses in the area. Scientists noted the symptoms, including hair loss and oozing sores, in 12... Read More

Photographer: Fredlyfish4/Wikimedia

Bruce Willis Wants to Donate Ski Hill

Actor Bruce Willis is exploring the logistics of donating Idaho's Soldier Mountain to a non-profit in Camas County. Willis, whose $14 million home near the mountain is for sale, has owned Soldier... Read More