News from the Field

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Peru Park Crowned Biodiversity Champ

Manú National Park in southeastern Peru has been crowned the planet's new champion of reptile and amphibian biodiversity. Dethroning Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park, Manú... Read More

Photographer: Themba Hadebe/Associated Press

Watch Pistorius Trial on TV

Viewers will be able to watch at least part of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial on television thanks to a high court ruling Tuesday. It’s the first time cameras will be allowed in a South... Read More

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So Long, Sochi

After years of hype and more than $50 billion spent, the costliest Olympics in history have come to a close. Despite all the negative press, ranging from the now-ubiquitous #SochiProblems (which... Read More

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Naples Plans to Eliminate Dog Poop

Naples, Italy, has implemented a canine DNA testing program—but not to learn more about which breeds are most popular in the coastal city. Rather, Naples hopes to rid its sidewalks of dog... Read More

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Windsurfer Crosses Florida Straits

A Cuban windsurfer braved treacherous currents, sharks, and fickle weather to successfully cross the Straits of Florida last week. Henry Vergara Negrin, 24, left Havana Tuesday morning with two... Read More