News from the Field

Photographer: docc/Flickr

Cyclist Foils Mugging

Chicago cyclist Eric Puetz foiled a mugging on Thursday by chasing down and tackling a man who mugged a 75-year-old woman and ran away with her purse. Puetz followed the mugger into an alley, where... Read More

Photographer: Lubasi/Flickr

Uncontacted Tribe Found in Paraguay

In a report leaked earlier this month, Paraguay's Department of Indian Afffairs confirmed the presence of an uncontacted tribe living on land recently sold to two Brazilian ranching companies.... Read More

Photographer: Lingarak G J/Flickr

Dozens Dead in Bangladesh Ferry Accident

More than 30 people are dead and many more missing after a ferry accident on a river in southern Bangladesh on Tuesday. The ferry, which was carrying between 200 and 300 people, crashed into... Read More

Photographer: Jonathan Kriz/Flickr

Endangered Cat Born to Domestic Animal

A domestic cat gave birth last month to an endangered African black-footed kitten, scientists announced yesterday, raising hopes for the species survival. The kitten, named Crystal, was born at the... Read More

Photographer: lwpkommunikacio/Flickr

Discovery Channel Fires Bear Grylls

Discovery Channel and Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls have parted ways over over an unresolved contract dispute, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Grylls, 37, a former British SAS soldier, refused... Read More