News from the Field

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Guns Ineffective in Bear Attacks

In a study published on Monday, biologists from Brigham Young University found that firearms are not an effective means of preventing injury or death during a bear attack. Dr. Tom Smith led a team... Read More

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Exercise Changes DNA, Study Says

Even small amounts of exercise can change a person's DNA, according to a study published Wednesday by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The study examined muscle cell... Read More

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Credit Card Abuse Rampant At BLM

Credit card abuse has become "culturally rampant" at the Bureau of Land Management, according to a leaked email from the agency's deputy director. In the memo sent in February, Michael J. Pool... Read More

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Shark Fins Could Be Neurotoxic

A study published last month in the journal Marine Drugs has raised concerns about a toxic chemical found in shark fins. A team of researches from the University of Florida found high... Read More

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Hendrickson Takes Ski Jumping Title

U.S. ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson secured the first-ever women's ski jumping World Cup title on Saturday in Zao, Japan, then won her eighth WC competition on Sunday. Hendrickson, 17, was second in... Read More