News from the Field

Yosemite to Close Parts of Curry Village

The National Park Service announced Thursday that it will permanently close parts of Yosemite Valley's Curry Village, including 18 popular cabins that lie in the path of potential rockfall from... Read More

Man Catches Black Plague Saving Mouse

An unidentified Oregon man is in critical condition with a rare case of the black plague after attempting to rescue a mouse from the jaws of a stray cat. The man, said to be in his 50s, was bitten... Read More

Three-Legged Alligator Attacks Man

A homeless man from Gainesville, Florida, is in the hospital after a three-legged alligator attacked him while he was bathing in a creek. James Wimmer had reportedly been drinking when he stripped... Read More

Senate Bars Scientific Sea Level Projection

The North Carolina State Senate passed a bill Tuesday restricting the use of climate change science when predicting sea-level rise. Instead, planning commissions in 20 coastal counties must rely on... Read More

Alex Honnold Solos Yosemite Triple

Alex Honnold climbed three of Yosemite's biggest walls solo in 19 hours on Wednesday, just two weeks after free-climbing the linkup, known as the "Triple Crown," with Tommy Caldwell. Beginning at 4... Read More