News from the Field

Photographer: Ludo29880/Flickr

French Police Arrest Longo's Husband

The doping scandal that has haunted decorated French cyclist Jeannie Longo since August took another turn on Wednesday when French police arrested Patrice Ciprelli, Longo's husband, on charges that... Read More

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Paris Cyclists Allowed to Run Red Lights

Bicyclists in Paris are now allowed to proceed through red traffic lights as part of a test program to improve accident statistics. The rule, which city councilors approved last week, will be... Read More

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WADA: Hand Over Armstrong Evidence

The World Anti-Doping Agency has asked U.S. investigators to turn over evidence gathered during a two-year criminal investigation into possible doping by Lance Armstrong. Federal prosecutors... Read More

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Fisherman Survives 20 Days Lost at Sea

A Puerto Rican fisherman was released from the hospital on Monday after surviving for 20 days while lost at sea in the Caribbean. Jose Luis Mendez drifted more than 1,000 miles when his boat had... Read More