News from the Field

Photographer: hyku/Flickr

Spain Sports Minister: Doping a Problem

On Tuesday, Spain's minister for sports acknowledged that country has a problem with doping that must be addressed as Spain bids for the 2020 Olympics. Jose Ignacio Wert, minister of Education,... Read More

Photographer: Ken Kinder/Wikimedia

Telluride Local Killed in Avalanche

A 38-year-old Colorado man died in an avalanche on Monday while snowboarding in sidecountry terrain near Telluride. A pair of skiers discovered Nate Soules after seeing signs of a slide outside... Read More

Photographer: Artur Pedziwilk/Flickr

D.C. Considers Sniping Deer

Officials in Washington, D.C. are considering using snipers from the federal government to cull 80 percent of the white-tailed deer population in Rock Creek Park. Deer have caused disturbances in... Read More

Photographer: Leo-setä

Norwegian Climbers Die in Accident

Two well-known Norwegian climbers died late last week in an apparent accident on Kjerag in southwestern Norway. Bjorn-Eivind Aartun and Stein-Ivan Gravdal were attempting to put up a new ice route... Read More

Photographer: Erik van Leeuwen/Wikimedia

Records Fall in Weekend Track Action

American distance runners broke five national indoor records at meets across the country this weekend in one of the busiest stretches of racing of the year. Bernard Lagat won the 2012 Millrose... Read More