News from the Field

Photographer: Courtesy of The Grey

Wildlife Groups Boycott The Grey

Wildlife advocacy groups concerned by a negative portrayal of wolves in The Grey have called for a boycott of the movie. Liam Neeson stars as a wolf exterminator who must survive attacks by a pack... Read More

Photographer: Nasib Bitar/Wikimedia

Record Times at Dubai Marathon

Ethiopia's Ayele Abshero on Friday won and set a world record of 2:04:23 for the fastest-ever debut at the Dubai Marathon. Abshero lead three other men under 2:05 and a total of 14 under 2:08, the... Read More

Photographer: sgillies/Flickr

Skier-Rigged Avalanche Sparks Debate

On Tuesday, an experienced skier deliberately triggered an avalanche on a highly-trafficked area of Wyoming's Taylor Mountain, causing a 2,600-foot slide and sparking fierce discussion in the... Read More

Photographer: Ryan Holst/Flickr

X Games Ski Slopestyle Sees Firsts

Both the men's and women's ski slopestyle events saw new records set at the Winter X Games on Thursday in Aspen, Colorado. Kaya Turski became the first woman to land a switch 1080 in the history of... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of AP/Island County Sheriffs Office/The Herald

Harris-Moore Sentenced to 6.5 Years

A federal court in Seattle on Friday sentenced Colton Harris-Moore, the Barefoot Bandit, to six and half years in jail. Harris-Moore was given a seven-year term by a state court in December an will... Read More