News from the Field

Photographer: RAYANDBEE/Flickr

Authorities Hunt Illegal Polar Sailors

On Wednesday, New Zealand authorities began searching for a Norwegion explorer believed to be making a second illegal voyage to Antarctica, a year after his first journey ended in the deaths of... Read More

Photographer: Clinton Steeds/Flickr

"Potentially Active" Volcano in CA

A volcano in Death Valley is now considered potentially active after a study revealed that it last errupted less than 1,000 years ago. Scientists from Columbia University last week published a... Read More

Photographer: sgillies/Flickr

WA Snowmobiler Survives Avalanche

A Washington State man narrowly survived an avalanche on Saturday only after his friends reacted quickly and dug him out. John Swanson was snowmobiling with a group in Washington's Stampede Pass... Read More

Photographer: lagohsep/Flickr

Scientists Develop Magnetic Soap

Scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a magnetic soap compound that could be used to help manage oil spills. The soap contains iron-rich salt and can be removed from both water... Read More

Photographer: NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Airlines Reroute Flights in Solar Storm

Concerns that a strong solar-radiation storm would disrupt communications prompted Delta Airlines and United Airlines on Tuesday to reroute flights over both the North and South Poles. The Federal... Read More