News from the Field

Rabid Mountain Lion Killed With Skillet

An Arizona man killed a rabid mountain lion with a skillet in Tonto National Forest earlier this month after it attacked his dog. Brandon Arnold, 24, and eight friends were making breakfast at a... Read More

Coyotes Force Trail Closures in SF

A string of run ins between pets and wild coyotes in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park has forced city officials to close several trails and remind owners not to walk dogs off leash. Wildlife... Read More

Yellowstone Has Most Dangerous Bears

A new report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service indicates that Yellowstone's grizzly bears are more dangerous than those in Glacier National Park, despite Glacier's larger bear population. In... Read More

Olympic Stadium Ownership Unresolved

Organizers for the London Olympic Games on Monday delayed the bidding process that will determine who owns the Olympic Stadium once the games are concluded. The London Legacy Development... Read More

Donovan Bailey Charged With DUI

On Monday, former Olympic champion Donovan Bailey was charged with driving under the influence after a March 28 incident in downtown Toronto. According to the court filing, Bailey, who won and set... Read More