News from the Field

Hang Glider Pilot Swallowed Evidence

Canadian police confirmed on Wednesday that William Orders, the British Columbia hang-glider pilot involved in a fatal accident on Saturday, swallowed a memory card that may contain video evidence... Read More

Study Says Plants Flowering Faster

A study published on Wednesday in the journal Nature suggests that warming temperatures are causing plants to flower much faster than expected by scientific models. The study, led by Dr. Elizabeth... Read More

Dale Oen Autopsy Inconclusive

Medical examiners have failed to identify what killed 26-year-old world champion swimmer Alexander Dale Oen, who collapsed on Monday in Arizona. Teammates of Dale Oen found the swimmer unresponsive... Read More

Cory Richards Won't Return to Everest

Cory Richards, the award-winning photographer and climber for The North Face, will not return to Mount Everest after suffering respiratory distress that forced his evacuation from 23,000 feet on... Read More

32 Rare Porpoises Found Dead in China

The deaths in China of 32 Yangtze finless porpoises over the past two months is fueling fears among conservationists that the endangered marine mammal may be headed for extinction. The porpoises,... Read More