News from the Field

Cyclist Tony Martin Injured in Crash

German cyclist Tony Martin was is awaiting surgery in Switzerland after colliding with a car yesterday on a training ride and fracturing his left jaw and cheekbone. Martin, 26, is the reigning... Read More

Alaskan Kodiak Bear Escapes Refuge

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center announced on Monday that a 300-pound Kodiak bear escaped from its enclosure near Portage, Alaska on April 3. The two-year-old bear, which was supposed to be... Read More

Nebraska Approves New Keystone Study

Nebraska lawmakers on Wednesday approved funding for a study that would examine an alternate route through the state for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The original route, which would have... Read More

Modified Mosquitoes Fight Dengue Fever

Scientists in Brazil reported last week that a strain of genetically modified mosquitoes may be helping to kill the species that carries dengue fever. Scientists unloosed more than ten million... Read More

NRDC Investigates Gulf Dolphin Deaths

The National Resources Defense Council is investigating high dolphin mortality rates in the northern Gulf of Mexico that may be related to 2010's BP oil spill. Data from the National Oceanic and... Read More