News from the Field

Photographer: boltron-/Flickr

Dog Shoots Owner

A hunter in Utah took 27 birdshot pellets to the buttocks on Wednesday when his dog stepped on his shotgun. The man, 46, left the gun on the bow of his boat while duck hunting with a friend. He was... Read More

Photographer: liquene/flickr

Daniel Woods Flashes Nicole's Entlinge

On Monday, boulderer Daniel Woods flashed Fred Nicole's Entlinge in Murgtal, Switzerland, sending the V14/15 problem on his first try. It is the most challenging flash ever completed. First... Read More

Photographer: RussBowling/Flickr

Men release snakes in India gov't office

Two farmers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh released a bag of poisonous snakes at a government office on Tuesday in retaliation for attempted bribery by government officials. They men had... Read More

Photographer: Kazuhisa OTSUBO/Flickr

Speedo Unveils New Swimsuit

Speedo unveiled a new three-piece swim-suit system on Wednesday that could be faster than the now-banned full-body suits used in the 2008 Olympics. Speedo’s new outfit combines a regulation... Read More

Photographer: Clevergrrl/flickr

UT Hiker Stuck in Quicksand For 13 Hours

A Vermont man was partially swallowed by a sandbar as he attempted to cross the Dirty Devil River in eastern Utah last Wednesday. Robert Tesar, 25, was 23 days into an expedition with the National... Read More