News from the Field

Photographer: APCEvents/Flickr

Muscle Loss in Elderly Not From Aging

Does growing old cause muscle mass to shrink and deteriorate? New research suggests that inactivity among the elderly inflicts far greater damage on muscle strength than the aging process itself,... Read More

Photographer: MauritsV/Flickr

2nd Team Drops From Volvo Ocean Race

A second boat has pulled out of the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, leaving just four teams racing from Spain to Cape Town, South Africa. The Abu Dhabi boat sustained a broken mast just six... Read More

Photographer: Juan Ramon Rodriguez Sosa/Flickr

ASP to Begin Drug Testing

The Association of Surfing Professionals announced on Thursday that it would initiate a random drug-testing program beginning for the 2012 World Tour. Though the specifics of the tests are not yet... Read More

Photographer: Greenpeace Finland/Flickr

Energy Giant Fined for Greenpeace Spying

French nuclear energy company EDF has been found guilty of hacking into the computer of the head of France's Greenepeace operations. Greenpeace has protested nuclear plants in France and abroad.... Read More

Photographer: film_fatale/flickr

800 Rare Snails Accidentally Frozen

On Thursday, New Zealand's Department of Conservation announced that 800 endangered giant snails froze to death after a temperature gauge malfunctioned in Hokitika. The snails were being kept in a... Read More