News from the Field

Photographer: sektordua/flicker

Arnette Climbs Carstensz Pyramid

Alan Arnette summited Indonesia's Carstensz Pyramid over the weekend, completing one of the most technically challenging climbs of the Seven Summits in his bid to raise $1 million for Alzheimer's... Read More

Photographer: swanksalot/Flickr

Court Upholds Roadless Rule

A federal district court in Denver on Friday rejected a lawsuit brought by the state of Wyoming that would have opened up nearly 60 million acres of national forests to road building and logging.... Read More

Photographer: TatClarkson/Flickr

French Want Suspended Jail for Landis

A prosecutor in France has recommended that cyclist Floyd Landis receive an 18-month suspended sentence in connection with the hacking of a French Anti-Doping Laboratory in 2006. According to... Read More

Photographer: Daniel Kofler/flickr

Montant Dies In BASE Jump Accident

On Saturday, pioneering extreme skier and speed-rider Antoine Montant, 30, died in a BASE-jumping accident in the French Alps. Montant was a 3-time Speed Flying Pro Champion and had previously... Read More

Photographer: vagawi/Flickr

Bee Truck Overturns in Utah

A truck carrying 460 bee hives overturned on a Utah interstate on Sunday, hospitalizing the driver and his wife and setting loose millions bees. Officials are unsure how best to capture or disperse... Read More