News from the Field

Photographer: Drew Avery/flickr

Ohio Police Hunt Escaped Exotic Animals

Police in Ohio have shot and killed dozens of large, carnivorous animals, including lions, tigers, and grizzly bears after the owner of an exotic animal farm set the animals free and then killed... Read More

Photographer: tzeca

Thousands of Sharks Killed off Colombia

Biologists studying sharks in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Colombia stumbled across the slaughter of thousands of sharks in a 3,300-square-mile marine sanctuary. A team of Russian scientists... Read More


Man Finishes 11-Year Walk Around World

A Canadian man finished walking around the world on Sunday, 11 years after his business failed and he decided he needed a change. Jean Beliveau, 56, arrived in Montreal having trekked through... Read More

Photographer: Enrique Dans/Flickr

World Malaria Rates Drop 20 Percent

The World Health Organization released data on Monday showing that world malaria rates have dropped 20 percent in the last 10 years. Of 108 countries where malaria is endemic, up to a third could... Read More

Photographer: xrayspx/flickr

Polar Bear Protections to Be Reevaluated

A federal judge ruled Monday that the Obama administration must complete a review of environmental protections for polar bears under the Endangered Species Act. A Bush-era decision not to regulate... Read More