News from the Field

Photographer: Mr Empey

Judge Dismisses Suit in Bear Death Case

In a decision released on Tuesday, a judge in Salt Lake City has ruled that the state of Utah is not liable for the death of a 12-year-old boy in a 2007 bear attack. District Court Judge David... Read More

Photographer: mack911/Flickr

Groups Sue EPA Over Ozone Ruling

Five environmental organizations have filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to toughen the allowable limit of ozone in the atmosphere. Last month, President Obama... Read More

Photographer: Brokinhrt2/Flickr

Gorilla Poachers Kill Ranger in Cameroon

Poachers in Cameroon shot two endangered gorillas, then killed a park ranger who discovered the poachers as they returned to collect the carcasses. Zomedal Pierre Achille was found stripped and... Read More

Photographer: jkbrooks85/Flickr

Hotel Evacuated in Bear Spray Mishap

Officials evacuated 200 people from Salt Lake City's Marriot hotel earlier this week after a hotel maid accidently discharged a cannister of bear spray when she bumped into it with her cleaning... Read More

Photographer: El Alvi/Flickr

Riccardo Ricco Could Get 12-Year Ban

The Italian Olympic Committee has recommended a 12-year ban on competition for Riccardo Ricco, an Italian cyclist and 2008 Tour de France stage winner who is facing his second doping charge. Ricco,... Read More