News from the Field

Photographer: Brookhaven National Laboratory/Flickr

World's Largest Solar Farm Goes Live

Saferay, a solar power plant company, added 78 megawatts worth of solar panels to its existing solar plant in eastern Germany this week, making its facility the largest solar park in the world at... Read More

Photographer: Maria Ly/Flickr

Russians Climb New Route on Trango

A four-man team of Russian climbers has established a new route on Pakistan's 20,500-foot Trango Tower, which is home to the world's tallest near-vertical cliff. It is only the second route up... Read More

Photographer: Tom Evans/ ElCap Reports

Dramatic Rescue Documented on El Cap

An Austrian man took a fall on Monday afternoon near the summit of the Nose Route on El Capitan and severed his thumb, setting in motion a dramatic rescue by helicopter. The man, whose name was not... Read More

Photographer: Kevin Coles/Flickr

Swimmer Breaks Manhattan Record

Australian swimmer Oliver Wilkinson on Wednesday broke the record for fastest swim around Manhattan island during the Manhattan Match Race and Record Attempt. The 36-year-old completed the... Read More

Photographer: bonus1up

"Eco-Resort" Meets Resistance In Iceland

The Icelandic parliament is deciding whether to allow Chinese billionaire Huang Nubo to buy 158 square miles of land to build an "eco-resort" near Iceland's remote Vatnajokull National Park. The... Read More