News from the Field

Photographer: Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology/Flickr

Rescuers Tase Disoriented Hiker

Emergency personnel used a stun gun to subdue a disoriented, combative hiker during a rescue Tuesday on the South Sister volcano in Oregon. A pair of hikers came across Duncan Tyler Maring, 24,... Read More

Photographer: Petr Adam Dohnálek

Confusion Over Release for Iran Hikers

Two days after Iran's president announced the imminent release of two American men detained since 2009 under charges of espionage, Iran's courts say that Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal are far from... Read More

Photographer: Dylan Passmore

New York Chooses Bike-Share Vendor

On Wednesday, New York City announced a partnership with Alta Bicycle Share, unveiling what will become the nation's largest bike-sharing program when it goes live next summer. Alta will place... Read More

Photographer: sethschoen/Flickr

Error Overestimates Biofuel Savings

A group of researchers at European Environment Agency Scientific Committee has released a preliminary report suggesting that the European Union has double counted the carbon savings of biofuels,... Read More

Photographer: U.S. Geological Survey/Flickr

Arctic Ice Nears Record Low

Scientists studying arctic-ice coverage by satellite say that melting in 2011 is approaching the record low measured in 2007, when only 1.61 million square miles in the Arctic Ocean had ice... Read More