News from the Field

Photographer: © INSS/Survival

World's Oldest Person May Live in Amazon

A 120-year-old indigenous Brazilian woman may be the world's oldest living person, according to human rights group Survival International. The Brazilian government discovered Maria Lucimar Pereira... Read More

Photographer: Justin Casp/Flickr

Could Coral Hold Key to Sunscreen Pill?

Researchers from Kings College in London have isolated a compound that they believe shields coral from ultraviolet rays, prompting speculation that coral eventually help yield a generation of... Read More

Photographer: NASA/Flickr

Brits Row 450 Miles to Magnetic North Pole

A six-man crew from Britain completes a 450-mile journey by water to the magnetic north pole late last week, becoming the world's first-ever explorers to reach the pole in a rowboat. The crew left... Read More

Photographer: redjar/Flickr

Model Cuts Plane Boarding Times by Half

An astrophysicist in Illinois has developed and tested a new way to get passengers on an airplane, one that he says could cut boarding times by half. Rather than board in blocks or chunks of... Read More

Photographer: Bsabarnowl/Flickr

Woman Reels in Lost Limb

A Minnesota woman who lost her prosthetic leg in a lake three years ago now has it back, all thanks to a curious fisherwoman who pulled it out of the water in July. Beth Krohn was fishing last... Read More