News from the Field

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Sochi to Exterminate Stray Dogs

Dog lovers: You might want to stop reading now. Olympic organizers have contracted a Sochi pest control company to exterminate the many stray dogs in the city, according to reports by the Guardian... Read More

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Starfish Tearing Themselves Apart

Mystery animal die-offs are always disturbing, but starfish in the Pacific Ocean are taking it to another level with a zombie-like affliction that's causing their bodies to deteriorate and their... Read More

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Man Survives a Year Lost at Sea

An emaciated Mexican man claiming to have spent more than a year adrift in the Pacific Ocean washed up on a remote atoll near the Marshall Islands on Thursday. Dressed in only a pair of ragged... Read More

Photographer: ShenandoahNPS/Flickr

New York City Mayor Drops Groundhog

Groundhog Day at Staten Island Zoo didn’t get off to a good start. Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped celebrity groundhog Staten Island Chuck during the dawn ceremony. The animal was quickly... Read More

Indonesian Volcano Kills 11

A volcano on the western island of Sumatra erupted Saturday, killing at least 11 people, Reuters reports. It is the first time that officials have seen Mount Sinabung, which stands along the... Read More

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A New Way to Gather Sap

Vermont harvesters won’t have to venture far into the forest to find mature maple trees to procure maple syrup. Researchers at the University of Vermont have discovered a new way to gather... Read More