News from the Field

Bikram Yoga Sues Yoga to the People

Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury, known for his hot yoga method, has filed a $1-million copyright-infrigment lawsuit against Yoga to the People. Choudhury says that Yoga to the People's... Read More

IOC Fires Staff in Embezzlement Scandal

The International Olympic Commitee has fired three staff members for their roles in an embezzlement scandal at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. The IOC found that the finance department... Read More

Tommy Caldwell Ends Dawn Wall Attempt

Tommy Caldwell has ended his bid to free climb his Dawn Wall project on El Capitan this year. The Dawn Wall project links up two aid lines, Mescalito and Dawn Wall, and would likely be the... Read More

Congress Funds Horse-Meat Inspections

A bill signed last week has re-legalized the slaughter of horses in the United States, likely reversing a de-facto 2007 ban on the process. On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, President Obama approved... Read More

Masked Jogger Summons Bomb Squad

On Tuesday, a jogger wearing a cardio mask and weighted vest brought out the San Jose, California bomb squad when he hurriedly stuffed a package into a mail dropbox and ran away. An onlooker... Read More