News from the Field

Photographer: ilashdesigns/Flickr

Hikers in Banff Must Carry Spray

Officials from Canada's Banff National Park announced that hikers must carry bear spray through September 15 or face a $25,000 fine, a move that makes the park Canada's first to enact a bear-spray... Read More

Photographer: digital cat/Flickr

New Fossil Stirs Evolutionary Revision

A fossil recently discovered in China has scientists questioning which species first made the evolutionary transition from dinosaur to bird. Researchers have long believed that Archaeopteryx, a... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

Andrea Doria Wreck Claims Diver's Life

A Los Angeles man died Sunday while diving the wreck of the Andrea Doria, a sunken ocean liner off Nantucket, Massachusetts. Michael LaPrade disappeared suddenly at a depth of about 225 feet while... Read More

Photographer: Mike Baird/Flickr

Agency Halts Sea-Lion Killings

The National Marine Fisheries Service has rescinded a policy that allowed officials from Oregon and Washington to kill sea lions preying upon endangered salmon. In 2008, the Fisheries Service... Read More

Photographer: Gonzo Carles/Flickr

Near Arctic, Humans Evolved Big Brains

People who live farthest from the equator appear to have evolved large eyes and brains to see better in low-light environments, according to new research from Oxford University. Larger eyes, which... Read More