News from the Field

Kelly Slater Wins 11th ASP World Title

Kelly Slater, already the dominant surfer of his or perhaps any generation, clinched the 11th ASP world title of his career on Thursday at the Rip Curl Pro Surf in San Francisco. Slater, 39, won... Read More

Bear Attacks Concern Park Service

A sharp increase in bear attacks across the western United States this summer has officials from the National Park Service concerned that bear-safety education is not reaching park visitors in bear... Read More

Bird Researcher Guilty of Poisoning Cats

A former Smithsonian scientist was found guilty of attempted animal cruelty on Monday for trying to poison feral cats near her home in Washington, D.C. Security camera footage caught Nico Dauphine,... Read More

Report Links Weather Extremes to Warming

A preliminary report authored by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and obtained by the Associated Press has linked increases in extreme weather to global warming. The report focused... Read More