News from the Field

Armstrong Will Race XTERRA World Tri

Lance Armstrong announced in a tweet on Sunday that he will race the XTERRA World Championship off-road triathlon in Maui, Hawaii on Sunday. The former Tour de France champion was fifth in... Read More

Bosnia's Largest Nature Reserve Burns

A wildfire has devastated a vast swath of Bosnia's largest nature reserve and destroyed acres of migratory bird habitat in what authorities suspect was an act of arson. The fire scorched 80 percent... Read More

Perry Campaign Censored Climate Report

Environmental officials from Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential campaign doctored a report on rising sea levels in Galveston Bay to remove references to climate change, according to the... Read More

Woman free-solos 70-foot castle wall

In an effort to dodge a $4 admission fee early this week, a Chinese woman scaled the 70-foot wall of Nanjing, China's historic Zhonghua Gate. Ma Jei, who said she grew up in the city of Nanjing and... Read More

GM Drops Anti-Bike Ad

General Motors is pulling an advertisement aimed at college students that derided cycling and attracted widespread ire from the cycling community. "They will be taking the bicycle ad out of the... Read More