News from the Field

Photographer: Sam Beebe Ecotrust/Flickr

Man Defending Amazon Shot

Obede Loyla Souza, an anti-logging activist who confronted illegal loggers in January, was found dead over the weekend from a gunshot wound to the head. Witnesses say they saw four loggers in a... Read More

Photographer: RAYANDBEE/Flickr

What Happened to Antarctic Tourism?

Three-thousand fewer people visited Antarctica last year, down 8.3 percent from the 36,875 visitors recorded the year before. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators expects the... Read More

Photographer: Eric_I_E/Flickr

Plastic Giants Sue Eco Company

Three of the nation's largest plastic-bag manufacturers are suing ChicoBag over claims about the environmental damage their products cause. Hilex, Superbag, and Advance Polybag allege that... Read More

Photographer: Suzie T/Flickr

Breck Expansion Isn't Done Deal

A June 11 Denver Post article reported that Forest Service officials had approved a 550-acre development at Breckenridge Ski Resort, which would include a high-speed ski lift, new trails, and a... Read More

Photographer: Tom Evans/ El Cap Reports

No More El Cap Report

After four years of documenting climbs on America's most iconic big wall, Yosemite-based blogger Tom Evans is closing his El Cap Report blog. Evans began the blog in 2007, photographing and... Read More

Photographer: Petit Brun/Flickr

French Police Stop Contador

Alberto Contador, the recent Giro d'Italia champion and the reigning Tour de France winner, abandoned a training ride for this year's tour in the French Alps on Wednesday after a French policeman... Read More