News from the Field

Chevron Ordered to Pay $18 Billion

On Monday, a New York appeals court reversed a ruling that had kept Chevron from paying a massive settlement to Ecuadorians affected by pollution from oil extraction projects in the Amazon. In... Read More

American Hikers Released in Iran

The two American hikers who were jailed in 2009 for illegally crossing into Iran have been released, ending a two-year saga that culminated last week with an announcement, and then a retraction,... Read More

Germany's Martin Wins World TT

With a dominant performance on Wednesday at the UCI world championships in Denmark, Tony Martin gave Germany its second world time-trial title in 24 hours, defeating Great Britain's Bradley Wiggins... Read More

Man Pleads Guilty to Feeding Bears

A Juneau man will pay $4,000 and complete 80 hours of community service with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game after pleading guilty to feeding black bears for years at his home north of the... Read More

Pole-to-Pole Runner Hits Halfway

Australian ultrarunner Pat Farmer has reached the halfway mark of his Pole to Pole Run, arriving in Panama 7,767 miles and 6 months after setting out from the North Pole in April. Farmer, a former... Read More