News from the Field

Clues to Everlasting Life

We might never figure out how to cheat death, but scientists are starting to understand what makes supercentenarians—people significantly older than 100—special. A new study published... Read More

California's Water Waste Crackdown

Put down your watering hose—especially if you live in Sacramento. At least 45 water agencies throughout California are imposing and enforcing water restrictions due to dangerously low... Read More

Human Cartilage Grown on a Chip

Scientists released the first living human cartilage sample from "tissue-on-a-chip" research yesterday. According to a report published in ScienceDaily, scientists behind the new bioprint hope to... Read More

A 12-Step Approach for Big Agriculture

Next time you're stuck in traffic, watching cars belch out greenhouse gases, consider this: How much healthier would our planet be if we stop cars from spewing this junk? Cars might not be going... Read More

Which States Have the Most Pride?

Clearly the West is the best place to live, at least according to a new state pride poll by Gallup. About 77 percent of people in Alaska and Montana said their state was the best or one of the... Read More