News from the Field

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Iditarod vs. Idiotarod

You've probably heard of the Iditarod, the grueling dogsled race that cuts through Alaska and takes more than a week to complete. But you might not know about Idiotarod, the urban spoof where... Read More

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South African Blocked From Sochi

Despite an invitation from the IOC, South Africa's government won't let a slalom skier compete at Sochi, according to the AP. Sive Speelman, an 18-year-old from the rural and poor Eastern Cape... Read More

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Sweat Reveals Signs of Suicide

Your sweat may reveal whether or not you're at risk of committing suicide, according to a clinical study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research in September 2013. German and Swedish... Read More

A Tsunami-proof House

Washington’s Camano Island, home to about 13,000 residents, rests on one of the largest active faults in North America. Back in 1820, the island lost a chunk off of its south end in a slide... Read More

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Moore Wins Gold for Brother

Colten Moore, a snowmobile freestyle athlete, honored his late brother with a gold medal in the X Games last night. A year removed from his brother’s death in the exact same event, Moore paid... Read More