News from the Field

IAAF Will Test All Athletes

The International Association of Athletics Federations will test blood samples from every athlete at the world track and field championships in South Korea later this month, implementing the... Read More

Could Icebergs End Water Shortages?

A French engineer has resurrected a plan to solve water shortages by dragging glaciers from Newfoundland to arid climates in Africa and the Middle East. According to Georges Mougin, an 86-year-old... Read More

Everest Expedition Criticized

The British Broadcasting Company is taking criticism for a plan to locate the body of Andrew "Sandy" Irvine, one of two climbers who died in what some believe was Mount Evererst's first successful... Read More

Scientists sterilize mosquitos

Scientists in the United Kingdom and Italy have successfully sterilized male mosquitoes in a procedure that could dramatically cut malaria deaths. The new research, which is theoretically similar... Read More

Cancer Charity Sues Eddie Bauer

After non-legal negotiations over a copyright dispute failed, a Colorado non-profit is suing outdoor aparel company Eddie Bauer for violating its trademark. First Descent, which leads outdoor... Read More