News from the Field

Trekker Killed in Polar Bear Attack

A polar bear attacked a group of British travelers on the Norwiegan island of Spitsbergen last week, leaving one person dead and four with "moderate to serious" injuries. The group, comprised... Read More

Surfboard Pioneer Gordie Duane Dies

Gordie Duane, a pioneering surfboard maker and a key figure in Huntington Beach, California's surf community, died last week at age 80. Duane, who was instrumental in helping Huntington Beach earn... Read More

Priest Gets PhD in Snowboarding

A British priest living in Canada has earned what some are calling the world's first doctorate in snowboarding after completing studies on the sociology of religion at London's Kingston University.... Read More

Judge Blocks Orca Export

A Dutch judge has blocked a Seaworld-affiliated marine park from exporting a rescued juvenile orca currently being held in a Netherlands aquarium. The whale, called Morgan, will instead be moved to... Read More

First Scorpion Antivenin Approved

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved an antivenin used to treat bark scorpion stings on Wednesday, the first drug of its kind on the U.S. market. Also known as the Centruroides scorpion,... Read More