News from the Field

Oil Spill Spreads in Yellowstone River

An estimated 42,000 gallons of oil have leaked into the Yellowstone River since Friday, as large debris and raging waters continue to hamper clean up efforts. Authorities believed that fast moving... Read More

Bears Block Traffic in Grand Teton

A family of grizzly bears is holding up traffic in Grand Teton National Park, creating traffic jams that Park officials haven't seen in 20 years. The bears—two mothers and five cubs—may... Read More

Tanzania To Put Highway Through Park

The Tanzanian government has revised plans to build a highway in Serengeti National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa and considered one of the most important natural parks in the... Read More

Solo Climber Missing on Denali

Park service teams are combing Denali this week after an Austrian mountaineer disappeared on Monday. Juergen Kanzian, a 41-year-old mountain guide from Austria, was last seen alone, skinning up to... Read More

Jet Ski Rides Wave—And Crashes

A 20-foot wave folded over a jet ski pilot, destroying the ski and $15,000 in camera equipment but leaving onlookers with a series of spectacular pictures. Former world champion surfer Tom Carroll... Read More