News from the Field

Rioting Biker Loses Sponsors

Professional mountain biker Alex "Pro" Prochazka is in hot water after posing next to a burning car last Wednesday during post-hockey riots in Vancouver, Canada. Pro, wearing a T-shirt by... Read More

Popular Climbing Tool Recalled

French climbing equipment manufacturer Petzl announced yesterday that it would recall its popular GriGri 2 belay tool after receiving reports of a potentially dangerous failure of the device's... Read More

Grand Canyon Mining Ban Extended

On Monday, the federal government extended a moratorium on new uranium mining claims in a one-million-acre area around the Grand Canyon. Regulators established the extension, set to last six... Read More

Eagle Drops Deer on Power Line

On the same day newswires reported the Supreme Court's decision to restrict regulation of greenhouse gases to the federal government alone, the blogsphere buzzed about a bald eagle that dropped a... Read More

World's Greatest Magazine Stories

Since you're visiting, chances are high that you have at least a passing interest in well-crafted stories. If so, then you'll likely find today's re-launch of Read More

Court Halts Chilean Dam Project

An appeals court in Chile has suspended plans to move ahead with the HidroAysen project, the widely criticized $3.2 billion plan to build five large dams in Patagonia. Last month, regulators... Read More