News from the Field

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China's Pollution Taints U.S. Air

Second-hand pollution wafting from China leads to at least one extra day per year of ozone smog for Los Angeles residents, and accounts for as much as a quarter of the sulfate pollution on the West... Read More

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Surfers Miss Out on Big Waves

This week, the biggest waves since 2004 will hit Hawaiian shores, but surfers won't be anywhere near them. Forecasters predict 40-to-50-foot-high waves on Oahu's north shore tomorrow, which... Read More

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Greg Mortenson Steps (Back) Into the Spotlight

It’s been a long time since Greg Mortenson was a public figure who was routinely seen or heard in public—April 2011, to be precise—but that changes starting tomorrow, when... Read More

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Bullied Kids Averse to Exercise

Children who are bullied in P.E. class are less likely to pursue and enjoy physical activity, according to a new report published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology. The study, spearheaded by... Read More

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UPDATE: White Out of X Games, Again

Two of America’s leading Olympic stars, Shaun White and Lolo Jones, booked their tickets to Sochi this week. White finished atop the podium in the final U.S. halfpipe qualifier on Sunday,... Read More