News from the Field

Portland to Flush Peed-In Reservoir

Boys, the world is not your bathroom. A 19-year-old Portland man's decision to urinate in the city's Mount Tabor Reservoir 5 pushed the city to flush all 38 million gallons of it. On April 16,... Read More

L.A. Mountain Lion Poisoned

Scientists captured the well-known mountain lion of Los Angeles's Griffith Park this week after noticing the cat was showing signs of illness and possibly poisoning. The four-year-old mountain lion... Read More

California Mulls Wolf Protections

Even though gray wolf packs haven't roamed California for almost a century, the state is considering listing the animal as endangered. The discussion to protect the species started after a lone... Read More

"Outredgeous" Veggies Headed into Space

An unmanned capsule dubbed Dragon is scheduled to launch atop SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket on a resupply mission to the International Space Station this Friday, and it's carrying some weird stuff:... Read More

Bike Powers 3-D Printer

Fabraft, a Taiwanese design factory, is making creative recycling available to the masses. The company's bike-powered 3-D printer breaks down plastic cups to make bike parts, literally putting the... Read More