News from the Field

Space Craft to Collect Moon Dust

NASA's ground crew maneuvered the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) just two miles above the Apennine Mountains on the bright side of the moon this weekend to collect particles... Read More

Boulder Ranked Thinnest U.S. City

One of the fittest states in the country is also home to three of the thinnest cities. Boulder, Colorado, has the lowest obesity rate in the United States, at 12.4 percent, according to new data... Read More

FDA: No More Wet Hops for Cows

A long-standing relationship between farmers and brewers might be spent. Rather than pay to dispose of tons of wet hops, brewers often offer spent grains to farmers for use in cow feed. However,... Read More

Peter Matthiessen Dies at 86

Peter Matthiessen, a novelist and naturalist, died Saturday at the age of 86 from leukemia. A three-time winner of the National Book Award, co-founder of The Paris Review, and contributor to... Read More

China Sets Standards for Family Dogs

Your dog is your best pal. He wags his tail every time you walk into the room. On backpacking trips, he keeps your toes warm in the bottom of your sleeping bag. He's a part of the family. But what... Read More