News from the Field

Photographer: Beelde Photography/Shutterstock.

Shiffrin Wins World Cup Slalom

Eighteen-year-old American skier Mikaela Shiffrin won her second World Cup slalom event of the season Sunday in Bormio, Italy, battling gnarly conditions to pull out victory by a fraction of a... Read More

Photographer: Sharon Mollerus/Flickr

Extreme Cold in Midwest

A polar vortex has descended upon the northern and central U.S., bringing sub-zero temperatures, "life-threatening wind chill," and the coldest weather felt in decades. Twenty-six cities are under... Read More

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Frost Quakes Rock Canada

Ever ahead of the cold-weather curve, Canadians are now reporting the occurrence of "frost quakes" around Toronto and Ontario. The frost quakes make their presence known in the form of a loud... Read More

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Calories Required on Vending Machines

Under Obama’s Affordable Care Act, 10,000 vending machine companies will be required to display calorie information for their products by the end of 2014—a regulation that will affect... Read More

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Olympians Banned from Social

It’s not a good time to be an Olympian from Australia. Last week, Australian athletes competing at the Sochi Winter Games were confined to their barracks for security reasons. Now... Read More