News from the Field

Captive Rhino Death a Major Loss

The Cincinnati Zoo suffered an enormous loss on Sunday when Suci, a Sumatran rhino, died of a genetic disease. With only nine Sumatran rhinos left in captivity, Suci's death is major blow to what... Read More

Italian Breaks Speed Skiing Record

Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller don't have anything on this man. Italian Simone Origone broke his own world speed skiing record on Monday, reaching 156.8 miles per hour on the slope at Chabrieres in... Read More

Atlanta: The World's Busiest Airport

Last week, we learned that Singapore's Changi Airport won Best Airport in Skytrax's World Airport Awards—but that doesn't mean it boasts the most travelers. That honor goes to Atlanta's... Read More

4.8 Earthquake Hits Yellowstone

No human knew about the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the northern part of Yellowstone National Park on Sunday until it happened at 6:34 a.m., but some on Twitter and YouTube say that a group... Read More

Ancient Bones Found in Backyard

Ali Erturk, a Salt Lake City ninth grader, was in the middle of building a backyard trout pond for his dad when he stumbled upon what he thought was an animal bone. Digging deeper, Erturk ran into... Read More