News from the Field

Dry Run for Commercial Drones

Skeptics saying drones won't be delivering your Amazon holiday gifts anytime soon might want to think again. The Federal Aviation Administration is working to develop operational guidelines for the... Read More

Near-Space Tourism Takes Off

If you were riveted by Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump from the edge of space last year, now's your chance to sign up for a similar experience. Tickets went on sale Saturday for the ultimate... Read More

Photographer: Martijn Nijenhuis/Flickr

Experts Urge Strict Sugar Cap

Next time you reach for that Red Bull, reconsider. The World Health Organization is currently thinking about halving the daily recommended sugar limit. The new guidelines would advise adults to... Read More

Photographer: News 360/YouTube

Bombings Hit Russia as Olympics Near

Two suspected suicide bombings in the southern Russian city of Volgograd since Sunday highlight the terrorist threat to the Winter Games. Despite the daunting security challenge facing Russian... Read More

Photographer: Michael Pereckas/Wikimedia

Wisconsin Uses Cheese to Thaw Roads

Would you care for some freshly grated mozzarella on your highway? In Wisconsin, where residents proudly display their love of dairy products on license plates, in their laws, and even on their... Read More