News from the Field

Photographer: wojciech_gajda/Thinkstock

All-Female Ski Film Hits Kickstarter

Lynsey Dyer, a pioneer of the big mountains, sets out to make Pretty Faces, an all-female ski film that will celebrate and encourage the next generation of ladies on the slopes. Pretty Faces has... Read More

Photographer: Photo: Kevin Jones/Flickr

Harvard Fined $24K for Monkey Deaths

Since 2011, four monkeys have died at a Harvard Medical School research center. Two died of dehydration, another was killed by an overdose, and the fourth strangled to death on a chain hanging in... Read More

They “Shot” a Bear in Reno

When Richard and Adrienne Evans started getting regular visits from a 263-pound black bear at their home in Reno, Nevada, they called the Nevada Department of Wildlife, which trapped and later... Read More

Photographer: Paul LaMantia/YouTube

Man Sets Two-Hand Waterskiing Record

Eight hundred forty-nine feet: that was the old record for the longest distance water skied on two hands. The new record is more than 2,000 feet farther. On Lake Petersburg, Illinois, Wayne... Read More