News from the Field

They “Shot” a Bear in Reno

When Richard and Adrienne Evans started getting regular visits from a 263-pound black bear at their home in Reno, Nevada, they called the Nevada Department of Wildlife, which trapped and later... Read More

Photographer: Paul LaMantia/YouTube

Man Sets Two-Hand Waterskiing Record

Eight hundred forty-nine feet: that was the old record for the longest distance water skied on two hands. The new record is more than 2,000 feet farther. On Lake Petersburg, Illinois, Wayne... Read More

Photographer: Thinkstock

Biofuels Created From Algae in Minutes

Scientists have discovered a process that can turn algae into crude oil, and subsequently a variety of bio-fuels, in less than an hour, fueling widespread speculation that we might see the end of... Read More

Study: Dolphins Suffer After Oil Spill

It's no surprise that the 2010 BP oil spill caused massive damage to the environment, but a new study released Wednesday makes the strongest connection yet between the BP disaster and dolphin... Read More

Photographer: GregC/Thinkstock

Buffett Buys $1 Billion in Wind Power

Warren Buffett’s utility company, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, has purchased 448 wind turbines for nearly $1 billion. The purchase signifies a move toward making renewable energy more cost... Read More