News from the Field

Watch: Goats Outrun Avalanche

Goats are taking the internet by storm. We’ve watched them scale dams, we’ve incorporated baby goat push ups into our workouts, and now we experience the terror and suspense as nine... Read More


Artists Opt Out of SeaWorld Shows

The Wilson sisters of the American rock band Heart, have a big place in their own hearts for killer whales. Last Friday, they joined country singer Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies in opting... Read More

Photographer: Collection of Aron Ralston/Wikimedia

Aron Ralston Jailed in Denver (Updates)

12 p.m. Aron Ralston, the hiker who amputated his own forearm to escape from a dislodged boulder in 2003, was arrested Saturday night on domestic violences charges in Denver, Colorado. Man who... Read More

Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Study: Healthy Eating Costs $1.50 More Per Day

A study by the Harvard School of public health has determined that healthy eating will cost you roughly $1.50 more per day. "That’s less than we might have expected,” says lead study... Read More

Photographer: KaeArt/Thinkstock

Humans Topped by Pigs on the Food Chain

A new study places humans smack in the middle of the global food chain, right between pigs and anchovies. We often consider ourselves top predators, yet a new study focusing on human trophic levels... Read More